• Green Party rental bill falls at first hurdle

    Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei’s Residential Tenancies (Safe and Secure Rentals) Amendment was voted down by 61 votes to 59 at its first reading in Parliament.
    The Bill proposed to default tenancy terms, gives tenants first right of refusal when their tenancy agreement is up for renewal, limits rent increases and enforces transparency around them, and restores 90-day notice periods when landlords want to sell properties. 453,000 homes were rented by New Zealanders at the 2013 census.

    “People who rent need stability so they can put down roots in their communities,” Green Party Co-leader Metiria Turei said.

    “Our home ownership rate is at the lowest level since 1951 and more than half of all Aucklanders live in rental homes, so it’s time to fix the rules to give people who rent a fair deal.

    “Unstable tenancies mean kids have to move schools too often and people can’t get involved in their communities.”

    The Green Party co-leader says with more families facing the prospect of being long-term renters, the time is right make these amendments.

    However, National, United Future and Act voted against Turei’s Bill, which meant the end of its passage through the legislative process.