• How can you protect your PM firm from breaching copyright?

    Apart from breaching copywrite, copying clauses from other Tenancy Agreements come with risks.

    The Residential Tenancies Act is vastly different to contract and commercial law and even seasoned lawyers often write clauses that ruffle the feathers of the Tenancy Tribunal Adjudicators.

    So how do you access Scotney Williams’ library of clauses, without breaching copywrite?

    The only place clauses are legally available is within the Tenancy eBundle or within a rent trust account. For example, Palace, Console, REST and RealNZ.

    Each property you manage is different and often additional clauses are needed. The good news is our tenancy agreement is fully customisable.

    This means you can create the perfect document for each of the properties you manage without breaching copywrite.

    Over time you build up your own library of commonly used clauses from Scotney’s library. If we do not have the clause you need, email us and we will see how we can help.

    The Tenancy eBundle is a free service available to all professional property managers.

    If you remove a clause from the Tenancy eBundle and upload the clause on to another website that offers you the ability to create a Tenancy Agreement, then this highly likely to be breaching copyright.

    So the safest way to stay on the right side of the law and not turn up to the Tenancy Tribunal with unlawful clauses, is to use the Tenancy eBundle.

    Updates and additional clauses will be coming through thick and fast so please email us if you have any feedback.

    For more information on the Tenancy eBundle click here.