Information Request

Privacy and Information request

Please read the below carefully BEFORE you make a request. 

We can supply you with the information we hold on you 

1. Tenancy Applications: These are sent to you at the time you make an application so will not be re sent unless specifically requested

2. Credit Bureau data: This is sent as a .txt file of the raw code and cannot be read simply

3. Copies of your Credit Reports in a readable format: Please contact Centrix and Equifax for copies of these

4. Tenant reviews if any

5. A list of who has run checks on you 


Information Request
  • This is really important. We do not hold a lot of data relating to why people are denied tenancies. If you don't know if we have data on you please call us on 0800 483 626 and talk to us first.
  • Please contact and for a free copy of your up to date Credit File
  • We do not hold past orders
  • If you do not have an email please call 0800 483 626 and ask to speak to the Privacy Officer.
  • To confirm we are sending data to the right person we require proof of your identity. Max 2MB
  • We will call you to discuss your request and only act on your request after we have spoken to you.