• Palace & Tenancy eBundle join forces

    Version 7.1 of the TPS Tenancy Agreement is now integrated within Palace.

    This means Palace customers get the benefit of our legal updates and new clauses, which are only available within the Tenancy eBundle.

    Data entry is also a thing of the past, in this exciting new update.


    Data Entry Eliminated

    You will no longer need to enter Tenancy Agreement data into Palace. The process is now streamlined! In fact, the only party entering any data will be the tenant when they apply for the property through the Tenancy eBundle.


    Legal Updates

    As you know, a core part of our business is providing the best and most up to date Tenancy Agreement on the market. Now all our legal updates will be streamlined straight into your TPS Tenancy Agreement.



    Our clauses are updated monthly and with the Tenancy eBundle clause library, you can tailor your Tenancy Agreement to fit the needs of your business.


    Fully Customisable

    As many of you know, you have the ability the make your Tenancy Agreement fully customised. You can turn sections on and off, and even upload your own specific clauses.



    Now that the Tenancy eBundle is integrated within Palace, the whole Tenancy Application and Agreement process can be achieved without printing or faxing.


    Completely free!

    Yes, this important update won’t cost you a cent. If you want to find out more about the integration – email info@tenancy.co.nz