TPS Credit Control

TPS Credit Control is
New Zealand’s largest Tenancy Focused debt collection company.

We specialise in resolving debt associated with residential tenancies and appliance rentals, as well as general
debt collection.

Who is TPS Credit Control?

We collect more tenancy debt than any other debt collection company, connecting over 2400 voluntary repayment plans and over 3,000 attachment orders
each year.

We’re one of New Zealand’s fastest growing debt collection companies, trusted by hundreds of Kiwi businesses and it’s easy to see why: 90% of debts lodged with functioning telephone numbers are connected to repayment plans within just 7 days.

Our Services

At TPS Credit Control, we specialise in resolving debt associated with residential tenancies and appliance rentals, as well as general debt collection.

We understand that steady cashflow is essential for a thriving business, and that clients that default on their debt payments can have a significant impact on your daily operation. Through working with us, you’ll benefit from our streamlined approach that ensures a swift and cost-effective method of recovering owed monies.

Benefits of choosing TPS Credit Control

• Unlike our competitors, we don’t charge a
lodgement fee – so you can lodge a debt online and begin our debt collection procedure without any cost to you. We only charge a flat percentage of
monies recovered.

• Because we operate on a no-win, no-fee basis, we don’t just take your details and sit on them – we only make money by successfully resolving your outstanding debt, so you can be sure we’re on the ball from the moment you fill out the lodgement form.

• Work with us, and you’ll be free to focus on your core business while we track down and secure the money owed to you.

FAQ with TPS Credit Control

Do I need a court order to lodge a debt?

No! Having a court order can help with debt collection, but it is not necessary. We will attempt to collect your debt without an order and if this is unsuccessful, we will let you know that a court order is the next step.

Who pays the debt collection fees you charge?

If you have a debt collection clause in your original agreement with your debtor, we can add our commission to the top of the debt. If we are able to contact the debtor and set up a voluntary payment plan then our commission is paid by them.

If we cannot contact the debtor or they refuse to pay we may be able to have payments deducted from their income. This process is facilitated by the District Court and the courts will not allow debt collection fees to be added to the debt.

You can go back through the court system to get a court order for our fees.

To make it easier for us to add our fees and get you more money back, please provide as much information on the debtor as possible.

What fees do you charge?

We have no debt lodgement fee!

We charge 25% + gst on all money paid back by the debtor. This includes if they pay you directly after we have contacted them. We charge 40% + gst on all debts below $750.00. There are other fees involved for optional services such as processing files through the District Court and for tracking services.

We only use the District Court process as a last resort. TPS cover the lawyer fee so $200 is added to the top
of the debt.

Application for Attachment Order $70+gst if required
Ninja Tracking $75+gst if required

What information do you need from me?

The more information you can give us the better! the information we are looking for are phone numbers, both for the debtor and their friends or family, work places, email addresses, and postal addresses.

We will hopefully be able to collect the debt with the information you initially provide to us, but if we are unable to, we will ask you if you have any more information or suggest we try our Ninja Tracking service.

IRD, WINZ and other government departments will not help us with information on the debtor. We go off what you provide and a small amount of tracking.

We charge $75 + gst for comprehensive active tracking so please provide us with the debtors Date of Birth, workplace and phone numbers if you have them.

How much money will my debtor pay
each week?

If the debtor is on the benefit please don’t expect $100 per week. On average a beneficiary can afford $22.50 per week. If the debtor is working payments plans are usually around $50 per week.

It is in our interest to get the largest payment per week, if we use the courts they will award $50 maximum unless we can prove their income, this is where a copy of the tenancy application can come in handy.

We will try and get the most amount of money we can, but if you are unhappy with the amount, we can talk about the option of an attachment order to apply for a higher amount.

What does your 50/50 status mean?

If you or the owner does not want to pay for any further enforcement, we have the option of taking this to our 50/50 status. This means that at our discretion we will pay for the costs of further enforcement or tracking, but as we are taking the risk our commission rate will be increased to 50% + gst.

How often will I get paid?

We pay our clients on a quarterly basis. Our payout months are March, June, September, and December. We pay you about the 20th of these months and  will send you a breakdown of what we are paying earlier
that month.

Does lodging a debt affect the debtor’s credit?

Yes, every debt lodged with TPS will appear on their Centric credit rating. There are two credit bureaus in New Zealand that we work with, Veda Advantage and Centrix. TPS Credit Control works
closely with Centrix.

If you wish to become a Credit Checking client through both Centrix and Veda, create an account
by clicking here.

How long does it take for a
debt to be recovered?

This depends on the size of the debt the debtors financial situation and how much information you provide us has a huge effect on the outcome of
the collection.

The majority of debts are paid off weekly so expect on average 1 – 2 years.

Your willingness to use all of the options available to us also has a factor. for example the bankruptcy. You will be expected to cover the costs which will be
approximately $2200.

We will contact you whenever we think a District Court procedure is necessary and discuss the pros and cons of the action.

We often collect debts that are more than 5 years old as we find new information on the debtor through our passive tracking systems.

We never give up as we only take our commission from what the debtor pays back.

If I lodge a debt with TPS Credit Control, does this guarantee I will get my money back?

No it does not.

TPS has a higher than normal strike rate, meaning you have a high chance of getting your money back (depending on the status of the file when we receive it), but no there is no guarantee you will get your money back. If you are a property manager or a landlord, and you have a tenancy tribunal order for the debt, then you have approximately a 90% chance of getting your money back. Other industries, where there is no court order have a lower strike rate.

We guarantee we will work hard to recover your debt, if we don’t we simply don’t get paid as our commission is based on what the debtor payed back.

What happens if my debtor pays me directly?

If the debtor contacts you after you have lodged the debt, simply tell them to deal with us directly. If the debtor pays you directly, this is usually a result from our contact with them and is an attempt by them to avoid the debt collection fees. If this happens, simply contact us and we will send you an invoice for our commission and then continue to chase the debtor for the balance.

Why choose TPS Credit Control?


Easy, fully online lodgement system

No lodgement fee

No-win no-fee collection!

Lodge your debt now!