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Unlimited phone support with tenancy law and property management expert, Scotney Williams L.L.B

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One of the leading authorities on tenancy law and property management, a consultancy with Scotney Williams L.L.B offers unlimited phone support.

Scotney can answer the hard questions and help with tribunal applications.

With over 30 years experience in property management he is the first choice for the leading brands in the industry.

Do you need help?

If you are looking to start a property management business it is recommended to have Scotney there for support. No matter how small or large the problem Scotney will talk you through it.

Case Work

Tenancy law is very specialized in New Zealand.

If you require help on a one off bases, such as dealing with a problem tenant or preparing for the Tenancy Tribunal we are available to help.


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What choose Consultancy with Scotney Williams L.L.B?


Over 30 years experience

Unlimited phone support

One of the leading authorities on tenancy law