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Tenancy Application and Customisable Tenancy Agreement
Streamline your application and agreement process for FREE!

The Tenancy Application and Agreement

eBundle Pro is here!

You can install our electronic tenancy application onto your website and use it wherever you advertise properties for rent. When tenants apply, the information will be emailed to you and delivered directly into the your TPS Portal eliminating the need for data entry. From here you can create a fully customisable tenancy agreement at the

click of a button.

See below for the eBundle Pro process.

Your Website

Simply upload your company logo to appear on the application and agreement forms, and have the “Apply now” button on your website point to your new application form. We will supply you office with a unique URL link that you can also send to applicants.

Your new Tenancy Application can be used anywhere you advertise a property and can be integrated into your viewing booking software.

New Online Application

After clicking apply now, the tenant is sent to our application form online to fill in. The application will have your preloaded logo.

TPS Portal

Once the tenant has filled in the application and hits send, the completed application will be sent to your email and the TPS Portal, which you have full access to through your log-in. All of the tenants details are pre-filled where they are needed in the TPS Portal, meaning no more data entry!

Background and Credit Checks

Once you have the application and the tenants details in the portal, you can easily complete your background and credit check checks on the applicants you choose. And as this is fully automated, the applicants details will be repopulated for you, ready to run your checks with the click of a button.

New Customisable Tenancy Agreement

When you have selected your tenant, you can create and send the tenant a fully customised electronic tenancy agreement with one click of a button. Fully change the clauses within the agreement to suit the property and your company.

Details Sent To Your Software Provider

Once this has all been done, you can send the new tenant data directly to your property management
software provider.

To get access to all of this, click the button below

So how will the eBundle save you time?

A completely electronic process, meaning no more paper!

Your completed applications are delivered into the portal for you. No data entry

Streamline your background and credit checks as the data is already for you to go!

From here, your tenant details are sent on to
your developer!