E-Bundle order form – DEMO

The Tenancy Application and Agreement eBundle is here!

You can install our electronic tenancy application onto your website and use it wherever you advertise properties for rent. When tenants apply, the information will be emailed to you and delivered directly into the TPS Portal eliminating the need for data entry. From here you can create a fully customisable tenancy agreement at the click of a button.

And best of all, we will supply this to you at NO COST!

Our team at Harcourts Uptown Management seriously love this product.  Since we started using the eBundle tenancy application and agreement, we have been stunned at the ease of the whole process for tenants and our property managers.  We highly recommend property managers to use this format to streamline their whole application process.  The help desk at tenancy.co.nz is very responsive and friendly, although we have not had much need to contact them. Thank you to the tenancy.co.nz team for this fantastic product.

Harcourts Team Uptown - Anita Barry

eBundle from tenancy.co.nz has been a game-changer for us. Their system has streamlined the whole process for us. The amount of time we save in our office is invaluable when time is everything in property management.

Harcourts Team Group Rentals - Jonathan Selig