making life easier and more organised

TEchnology driven

A large part of insurance costs for kiwi businesses is the old distribution methods (paperwork, more paperwork and some more paperwork!!). In some cases this cost could be up to 20-25% of your insurance bill. 

By partnering with Folio, Delta and Sentinel Insurance Brokers, Tenancy.co.nz have enabled a digital insurance solution which provides market leading insurance products at a significantly lower cost to you.

Our difference

Offering insurance through a digital channel means we have gotten rid of clunky paperwork and ultimately saved you money.

However we know that human contact is very important so you can connect with your insurance broker at anytime should you ever have a question around your insurance coverage (you can also notify your broker of a claim if the worst was to happen).

Folio has Integrated with payment Stripe and IQmulate Premium Funders to provide you with monthly or annual payment options – all available online.

payment options

Folio has partnered with Stripe and IQmulate Premium Funding to provide you with the flexibility to pay your insurance premium in one go or to spread the premium into manageable monthly payments.