tailored means it Saves you money and is better cover

Single insurer

Having one insurer cover you across your business liability exposures means no more gaps that a claim can fall into. We have secured a business liability package from Delta Insurance which provides this seamless coverage for you. 


Delta’s liability insurance covers you for your unintentional negligence whilst operating your business – this includes giving the wrong advice or causing damage to a property whilst carrying out your property manager duties.

No fault no excess

Should you have an accusation made against you, Delta will help defend against these allegations (including lawyers and specialist fees) and there won’t be any excess to pay if your claim has been successfully defended.

NOTE: This only applies to your Professional Indemnity and General Liability covers. 

Professional indemnity

Professional Indemnity Insurance protects you if someone alleges that you’ve made a mistake, overlooked a critical piece of information, misstated a fact or they have misinterpreted you in the course of your property management services.

As part of your Professional Indemnity wording you are covered for third party Cyber Liability losses. This policy benefit does not cover YOUR business for any losses that it may suffer during a cyber attack.

General Liability

General Liability Insurance protects you against claims made by the public for unintended and unexpected personal injury and property damage arising from your day to day business activities.

Statutory liability

Statutory Liability Insurance provides coverage for unintentional breaches of government statutes. These statutes include Health and Safety Act, Privacy Act and the Human Rights Act. 

Employers liability

Employers Liability Insurance protects you against claims brought by an employee who my have sustained an injury in the course of their employment where Accident Compensation Commission (ACC) does not provide cover.


Folio has partnered with Stripe and IQmulate Premium Funding to provide you with the flexibility to pay your insurance premium in one go or to spread the premium into manageable monthly payments.