• Landlords unconcerned about looming legislative changes

    Landlords welcome longer-term tenancies but remain cautious about other proposed tenancy law changes, results of the latest Auckland Property Investors’ Association member survey found.

    The survey polled over 500 active Auckland landlords about the extent to which they expect to impacted by various proposals designed to affect the residential tenancy market.

    Across the board, landlords respond favourably towards the relaxation of LVR restrictions, better security of tenure through longer-term tenancies, and the Healthy Homes Guarantee Act.

    The survey also found that landlords are most concerned about the prospects of a capital gains tax, debt to income restriction, and the removal of the 42-day notice to terminate.

    “While the results are hardly surprising at first glance,” says Association President Andrew Bruce, “what is interesting, and in fact, encouraging to note is that on a 1-10 favourability scale, none of the issues polled is so abhorrent to landlords as to cause them to dump their portfolios.”

    The survey shows long-term investors remain cautiously optimistic and steadfast in their approach to investing in this changing market. “These results strengthen our belief that property is not an overnight rags-to-riches story.

    Most of our members have taken a long-term approach to their investments which includes built-in contingencies and mechanisms to absorb additional costs brought on by adverse policies. It is the price of doing business,” says Mr Bruce.

    Additionally, the Association is encouraged by its members’ response to the Healthy Homes Guarantee Act which is set to raise minimum standards for rental properties.

    Out of the ten issues polled, the Healthy Homes Bills ranks the third most favourable. “Our members are acutely aware that the HHGA goes hand in hand with the security of tenure. As landlords, we understand that it is in everyone’s interest to provide a healthy and safe home for our tenants,” says Mr Bruce.

    “What we want to be careful of, at this stage, is to ensure that the HHGA strikes the right balance between maximising tenants’ health without placing landlords under an undue burden that could ultimately distort the rental market with lesser rental stocks and increased rents.”

    It is early days for the HHGA. Details of the new standards are yet to be decided. The Auckland Property Investors’ Association plans to continue lobbying for a common sense approach that maximises the potential the HHGA has to improve residential tenancy across the board for New Zealanders.

    The Auckland Property Investors’ Association latest membership survey polled over 500 of its members on the following issues (ranked in order of favourability):

    Relaxation of current LVR restriction
    Longer fixed-term tenancies
    Healthy Homes Guarantee Act
    Extension of Bright Line Test
    Limiting rent increases to once a year
    Removal of negative gearing
    Ring-fencing tax losses
    Removal of 42-day notice to terminate
    Debt-to-income restriction
    Capital gains tax