Welcome to the Tenancy Top 20 leaderboard

The below leaderboard contains only the top 20 property managers who have at least passed the Healthy Homes Standards Master Class test with 80 % or higher within 30 minutes.
Test Score
Time Taken
1Caroline Elmore (Xclusive Property Management)100%10 mins, 33 secs
2Maire Kay (Ray White)100%17 mins, 05 secs
3Anna-Maria Gerber (Xclusive Property Management)96%19 mins, 49 secs
4Stacey Kemp (Taranaki Property Manager)96%20 mins, 18 secs
5Jenna Cambie (Metcalfe Real Estate)96%29 mins, 16 secs
6 Melinda Malcolm (Nice Place Property Management) 94%12 mins, 51 secs
7Jack Fraser (Fraser Flynn Ltd)92%12 mins, 22 secs
8Rain Zhao (City Space Realty Ltd)90%15 mins, 49 secs
9Rebecca Morgan (Xclusive Property Management)90%17 mins, 12 secs
10Dee Smith (Jade Property Management)90%24 mins, 20 secs
11Katie Hobday (Hoamz Southland)90%25 mins, 57 secs
12Tina Edwards (Tremains)88%11 mins, 14 secs
13Catherine Wilson (Hoamz Southland)88%14 mins, 36 secs
14Leonard Gildenhuys (Gilco Property Mannagement)88%20 mins, 30 secs
15Liz Stewart (Kaimai Property Management)88%22 min, 00 secs
16 Grace Watson (Xclusive Property Managemen88%25 mins, 14 secs
17Sophie Smith (City & Country Real Estate)88%27 mins, 00 secs
18Gail Smith (City & Country Real Estate)88%27 mins, 35 secs
19Layla Carruthers (Hoamz Southland)86%14 mins, 04 secs
20Sue Flynn (Fraser Flynn Ltd)86%17 mins, 35 secs