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May 22

New privacy guidelines & Healthy Homes Statement of intent

It’s been a busy week for our industry with the Office of the Privacy Commission releasing new guidelines for what landlords and property managers can ask prospective tenants in tenancy applications.

Feb 25

Healthy Homes Standards will drive up rents – Simon Bridges

The new Healthy Homes Standards have been announced but National leader Simon Bridges says they will drive up rents.

Feb 04

Insulation uptake increases, but thousands of landlords could still miss deadline

Landlords appear to be upgrading properties ahead of a July deadline for mandatory insulation, but not quickly enough to clear a backlog projected by the government.

Nov 01

Letting Fees bill passes final reading, will be gone by Xmas

It will be an unlawful act to charge a tenant letting fee from December 12, in time for the busy letting season of January and February.

Oct 18

Wellington landlord wins precedent setting Airbnb District Court appeal

The landlord of a Wellington apartment has been awarded the full amount of the tenant’s profits from Airbnb subletting in what is believed to be a precedent setting District Court appeal.

Oct 17

Tenancy Tribunal to follow the Gluckman report for meth testing

The Tenancy Tribunal has confirmed they will follow generally accept 15 micrograms per 100cm2 as the minimum standard for meth contamination in rental properties.

Oct 15

Tenancy reforms miss the main point – unpaid rent

The proposed reforms to the Residential Tenancies Act fails to acknowledge unpaid rent.

Oct 04

Letting fees set to be outlawed by Christmas

Tenants in New Zealand should receive an early Christmas present with letting fees set to be outlawed in December.

Sep 04

Tenants set to feel the heat as Government release plan to warm-up NZ

The Government has released the eagerly awaited discussion document that will form the foundation of the Healthy Homes standards.

Aug 29

Scrapping of ‘no cause’ terminations will create new blacklist of tenants, says real estate boss

A real estate boss is warning that a proposal to scrap ‘no cause’ tenancy terminations will make it more difficult for some tenants to find a new rental when they move on.

Aug 27

Government pushes ahead with major shake-up of tenancy laws

The Government is pushing ahead with rental reform that is set to change the landscape of tenancy law in New Zealand.

Aug 09

Landlords and property managers criticised for checking bank statements

Landlords and property managers are being criticised for asking prospective tenants for their bank statements when vetting for new tenancies.