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Total Tenancy


Pick either Pro or Expert user. Expert gives access to ‘High’ background checks.

Giving you access to hundreds of resources, videos, snippets, and clauses. Which includes the best tenancy documents in the country.


$ 75 monthly


includes High user
$ 115 monthly



Contains two products – Background Check and Credit Check. Select price option for each.

Tenantcheck is New Zealand’s only comprehensive tenant background checking system with over 100 data feeds. Prices are based on basic background checks. Additional add-ons are not included in this price

Background Check

Free (Low, $4 p/chk)
$ 25 monthly
(Medium, $2 p/chk)
$ 55 monthly
(High, unlimited chks)

Credit Check

6 per check
$ 15
per check
$ 15 per check
(Full-time Multi)




Select with or without MovingHub. Using MovingHub will require a
one-off Training Fee.

Tenancy application and customisable tenancy agreement. The eBundle system is designed to streamline your application and agreement process. Your developer may charge to complete the integration.

Without MovingHub

$ 189 monthly

With MovingHub


Training Fee

one off fee
$ 189 (URL)
$ 189 (String)
$ 449 (API)



Level depends on office size.

Unlimited phone support with one of the leading authorities on tenancy law and property management, Scotney Williams L.L.B.

Small office

60 monthly

Large office

125 monthly