• Privacy guidelines update

    It’s business as usual for most property managers.

    Yesterday, tenancy.co.nz met with the Office of the Privacy Commissioner (OPC) to discuss the privacy guidelines.

    The guidelines outlined the information landlords and property managers can ask prospective tenants in tenancy applications.

    The OPC informed us that they have removed the guidelines from their website, but will be revising them in the future.

    Last week, we supplied the OPC with a flow chart diagram (see below) of the application and vetting process.


    The OPC would like to see landlords and property managers follow the steps outlined above during the application process.

    The OPC confirmed that making tenants apply with all of the information required on a tenancy application to book in a viewing could be seen as inappropriate, depending on the circumstances. 

    We look forward to working collaboratively with the OPC moving forward and we are confident the system we provide complies with the Privacy Act and the Human Rights Act.