• PROMINZ calls for landlord licensing

    The Property Management Institute of New Zealand (PROMINZ) is joining tenant advocacy groups in calling for mandatory licensing of landlords following a recent Tenancy Tribunal ruling. The repeat offender landlord was found guilty of failing to lodge bonds for 81 tenants.

    The landlord had previously been found guilty of renting sub-standard properties in 2016.

    “We believe a landlord licensing system would ensure only ‘fit and proper’ landlords would be able to operate as landlords – including being able to advertise properties for rent,” says PROMINZ chair Karen Withers

    The organisation, which represents professional property managers throughout New Zealand, cites the Welsh system where landlords must keep current on tenancy laws and legislative changes.

    “The RentSmart Wales model would translate extremely well into the New Zealand rental system. Property Managers and Rental Agents would also be required to be licensed, but the requirements for them would be considerably higher.”

    “The majority of landlords are extremely competent. This system would ensure that those who are not currently ‘up to scratch’ would get educated or remove themselves from self-managing,” Ms Withers said.

    “There are already landlord organisations keeping their members regularly updated with tenancy information. These landlords would easily as licensed landlords. We want tenants to have the reassurance that their landlords fully understand their obligations and comply under the RTA the same way they do with our members”.

    The organisation believes that by capturing all landlords through a licensing system, the government will have a more accurate and up-to-date set. Data is currently drawn from bonds lodged with MBIE.

    “PROMINZ is committed to playing a lead role in raising the standards within our industry,” Ms Withers said.

    *PROMINZ was formerly known as the IPMA