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Effective communication and a solid understanding of market trends are crucial components for success in any business. Our Business Focus keynote speakers will be covering both of these aspects – how to efficiently convey to your employees and customers your worth, and give you a solid understanding of a new market trend so you stay informed and competitive in a constantly evolving economic landscape.




Darren Hunter is a national and international property management trainer, expert and leading industry authority in fees and overcoming fee discounting.

A consultant and trainer now for over 11 years, Darren has previously worked as the state (network) property manager with one of Australia’s most respected real estate brands – recruiting, training, implementing policies and procedures and managing 28 property managers in 18 regional offices over South Australia and the Northern Territory. In 2006 he wrote the national property management policies and procedures for the third largest rent roll in Australia.

Darren presents seminars around the country ranging in topic from; new business and fee justification scripts and dialogue, rent control and time management strategies, rent roll value and income maximisation, market fee updates, inspections, tenant selection, recruitment and correct interview technique plus many more ‘hot topic’ property management training sessions.




Chris Matthews is a seasoned professional with a rich background in journalism. He spent nearly a decade working at TVNZ, honing his skills in communication, research, and storytelling. Over the years, Chris has developed an eye for detail and a knack for uncovering the most critical aspects of any story.

For the past six years, Chris has been a crucial member of the team at, where he serves as a senior consultant and Head of Communications. In this role, he has partnered with Scotney to produce hundreds of tenancy-related videos and property management resources. His expertise and knowledge in the field have helped countless property managers and landlords navigate the complex world of tenancies in New Zealand.

Chris’s passion for journalism has served him well in his work at, where he consistently delivers accurate and informative content to clients. His ability to explain complex concepts in simple terms has earned him a reputation as a trusted expert in the field of tenancy. His insights and advice are highly sought after by those seeking to make informed decisions regarding their rental properties.

With his extensive experience and dedication to his craft, Chris is a valued member of the team at His contributions have helped the company become one of the most respected names in the industry.