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Health and wellbeing have more recently been recognised as a vital part of sustainability and is often overlooked within the property management industry. Stress and burnout are well documented to be causes of chronic illness, depression, and anxiety. Reducing stress is critical to creating a sustainable industry. Our sustainability keynote speakers will take you through their experiences and give you a roadmap to creating a sustainable future.




One of New Zealand’s most recognisable faces, Mike McRoberts graces our TV screens weekday evenings bringing us our six o’clock news bulletin with co-anchor, Samantha Hayes.

The former 60 Minutes current affairs host whose reporting career
spans more than 20 years, is perhaps best known for his journalism
work in some of the worlds most dangerous places, covering
conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Gaza, East Timor and the Solomon Islands.

Current work
Being booked as both an MC and to speak, word is definitely out about McRoberts. Combining his journalism skills with extraordinary anecdotes, Mike shares insight into his career, giving his audience an idea of what happened in some of those sticky situations before the camera started rolling – what it takes to get the real story.

Mike has also covered some of the world’s biggest natural disasters in China, Haiti, Pakistan and South East Asia and of course the Christchurch Earthquake.

Previous experience
Beginning his career in 1984 as a cadet at Radio New Zealand, Mike then furthered his journalism career when he accepted a role with TVNZ in 1995 as a sports reporter. It is after this role that he moved to TV3 and progressively took up a position which saw him reporting for the current affairs programme 60 Minutes.

In his book, Beyond the Front Line, Mike expands on the events that have taken him to many of the world’s war zones and disaster areas. He gives an insightful account of his experiences; the warfare, the devastation and finding humour in surprising places, as well as the fascinating people he’s met getting the stories.

Mike has won numerous journalism awards, including TV Journalist of the Year in 2006 and News Presenter of the Year in 2017. A keen sports follower, Mike has also presented and reported from several Rugby World Cups and Olympics Games.





A renowned global expert on resilience, the Director of the New Zealand Institute of Wellbeing & Resilience, and blogger for Psychology Today, Lucy offers a one-of-kind perspective – sharpened through academia but also deeply personally applied in response to a devastating tragedy. Her focus on helping people and organisations create practical resilience strategies is a call to action in light of so many feeling resilience fatigues.

Lucy’s mission to translate the best of resilience psychology for everyday practice inspired her to create a keynote entitled, Three Secrets of Resilient People, which became one of the most-watched TED talks during the pandemic, with over 9 million views and has been translated into 15 languages.

Known as a respected change agent on this very timely topic, Lucy is also an award-winning ‘pracademic’ with a Master’s degree in resilience psychology from the University of Pennsylvania and a Ph.D. in wellbeing science/public health from AUT University in Auckland.

Her ground-breaking research is published in leading peer-reviewed international journals and frequently cited by others. She now assists a host of organizations ranging from Fortune 500s, government agencies and law firms to community groups and schools to design and implement wellbeing and resilience initiatives, re-shaping how resilience is viewed and creating sustained and meaningful change.

Describing her role as a ‘pracademic’ Lucy explains, “Too many resilience researchers don’t know how to communicate their studies, and too many presenters don’t really get the nuances and theories underpinning the science. I love being a pracademic, who truly gets the evidence, but also relishes the challenge of presenting it to people to make their everyday lives better.”

A Bestselling Author, Lucy’s books include Resilient Grieving, which details how she coped with her own unimaginable personal loss, and her latest book, The Educators’ Guide to Whole-School Wellbeing, which addresses challenges faced by schools wanting to improve wellbeing in their school communities.

She is also regularly featured in the global media including The Guardian, The Washington Post and the BBC.

Dr Lucy Hone’s goal is to help anyone struggling through change, uncertainty, or loss re-learn how to live in the world around them. In this day and age, everyone needs skills to be resilient. Lucy has helped millions of people realize that an energized, meaningful, joy-filled life is attainable no matter the challenge that lies in front of you.