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Credibility is vital to winning business in the property management industry.

These awards are to acknowledge property managers, business development managers, letting agents, administrators, and business owners.

There are two types of awards, Nominated and Master Class.

Nominated Awards 

Please read the nominated awards pack carefully before submitting your nomination and ensure your submission is complete and correct before submitting.

Any requests to update a submission after it has been sent will not be allowed. 

Master Class Awards 

The Tenancy Master Class Top 20 Leaderboards showcase the top property managers in the country who have gained top scores in each Master Class module.


Master Class is an online learning platform for residential property manager’s focused on specific areas of the role. Each module drills down into each subject with easily digestible videos, that you can watch as many times as you like – an “all you can eat” style learning.

Each module has a downloadable workbook that helps reinforce your learnings as you go. To show off your property management prowess there is a timed multi-choice quiz, and if you score over 80% you will receive a certificate for you to download and print. 

The Leaderboards 

Sitting the test gives you the ability to be ranked against other property managers across the country and the Top 20 property managers are displayed on the module leaderboards, but remember, only your first attempt gets to go on the leaderboard – so study hard! 

Those on the leaderboard when test submissions are closed in September, will be recognised at the TMC Conference. Recognition at TMC is 1st and Top 10 of each module.

*Master Class Award rules apply – click here.

To view a list of the modules and the leaderboards, click the below button.