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New Zealand’s
only comprehensive tenant background checking system

Access to 100+ databases in one place!

So What Is Tenantcheck?

Our Tenantcheck system is made up of comprehensive background checking, and credit checking with two of New Zealand’s leading credit bureau’s.

Based on the system that private investigators and debt collectors use for finding information about people, this is New Zealand’s most comprehensive background checking system.

We have access over 20 different data sources and both Centrix and Veda Bureau’s with Tenantcheck
Multi Bureau.

See what Tenantcheck has to offer below.

Centrix Credit Checking

Access to one of New Zealand’s leading credit bureaus! See your applicants address history, credit history
and more.

Multi Bureau Checking – Centrix and Veda

Our Multi Bureau check gives you data from both Centrix and Veda, giving you more data than any other tenancy checking system.

Background Checking

Get access to information through our background checking system that you don’t get though
credit checks!

Get to know your tenants through our system to select the best tenant for your property. See below for what you get access to.

Tenant Reviews

Get access to a significant database of reviews on tenants posted by other property managers
and landlords.

Tenancy Tribunal Results

Our Tenantcheck system gives you access more Tenancy Tribunal orders than any other system.

News Results

Active links to news stories posted by local and national newspapers and online news sources. News stories are found based on the tenant information entered so you don’t need to spend hours scrolling through multiple sites.

Sensible Sentencing Trust

Search New Zealand’s largest database of violent criminals at large. This is vital for protecting property managers and properties alike.

NZ Police

The ability to check to see if your applicant is wanted for arrest by the New Zealand police.


Court Results

We can give you access over 25,000 court judgements of the High Court, Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court. This includes methamphetamine and other drug charges.

To get access to all of this, click the button below

Do you want to see this product in action? Give one of our team a call to organise a meeting at your office to help bring you up to speed on what this product has to offer, FREE of charge.

Please note, due to privacy reasons we can only offer this product to Property Management companies.

New Zealand’s only comprehensive tenant background checking system


Background Checking

Credit Checking

Multi Bureau

More Data? Lets Go!