The law has changed - are you prepared?

As you're probably aware, the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 has now taken effect.

This means all businesses - including yours - must comply with the new legislation and regulations.

According to the law, property managers must have and use a health and safety system, and only use authorised tradespeople.

If you want to make sure you have solid safety systems in place, make sure you have a TPS portal account.

Over 600 property management offices have opened their TPS portal accounts, and have access to a range of training and resources that will help them comply with the new legislation. Are you one of them?

Once you have a TPS portal account, the next step is registering your office and completing your training. That means other property industry professionals can see you're compliant by searching the public register on to Tenancy™.

If you haven't yet opened your portal account, click here.

If you have opened your portal account please click here.

Meth Testing NZ

Established in 2015 to counter the growing issue of methamphetamine in New Zealand properties Meth Testing New Zealand offers a cost effective sampling service that is reliable and offers results quickly. MTNZ has been created by Scotney Williams LLB with 25 years’ experience in Tenancy law and Nathaniel Hamilton with over 7 years specialist property management experience and legal consultancy. The pair have created not only a service that meets the technical needs of the issue but also hold the knowledge to provide trusted advice.

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Total Tenancy is Here

25 years ago we started creating resources for property managers. Some years later the personal computer was invented so we were able to compile these. Two decades later and we now have a platform for providing access to all these documents. Total Tenancy gives property managers the latest version of each of documents, resources, and tools in one place. This software program means property managers can search a particular tenancy issue, read the relevant section of the Act, review plain English translations, watch videos explaining each section, and then download the specific resource that solves the issue. This platform also includes unlimited access to The Platinum Program property management training, which has over 20 hours of REAA non-verifiable training.

The Tenancy Practice Service is New Zealand’s largest supplier of property management contracts. Total Tenancy includes full access to these contracts.

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The Tenancy Practice Service Limited

Established back in the 1980’s when it was fashionable to have a moustache and watch It’s In The Bag.

Scotney was appointed one of the first regional managers of Tenancy Bond (now known as Tenancy Services). So as a qualified youngish lawyer, he embarked on becoming a specialist in Tenancy Law.

In 1996 he shaved his moustache to became a private consultant to the industry, and the Tenancy Practice Service started.

And the story continues…

Today the Tenancy Practice Service offers tenancy advice and consulting to every major property management brand. We have alliances with property investor associations around the country.

We support Investors and property managers with services including training seminars, tenancy related documents, best practice protocols, drafting applications, advice about re-hearings and appeals, human rights issues, privacy issues and tenancy debt collection.

TPS Credit Control

Based on our vast experience in the industry we have created a unique debt collection system specialising in tenancy debt.

TPS Credit control don't charge lodgement fees so we only get paid when you do.

In less than 4 years we have grown to become the largest and most effective debt collectors in the market.

Visit TPScreditcontrol to lodge a debt now.


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