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Oct 24

North Shore tenant’s $17,000 meth claim dismissed by Tenancy Tribunal

A North Shore tenant took punt on a $17,000 meth claim and it didn’t pay off.

Oct 17

Consultation begins for rental damage

INTEREST.CO.NZ – A director of the tenancy services firm Tenancy.co.nz, Scotney Williams, believes the Building and Housing Minister’s proposal has struck the right balance protecting the interests of both landlords and tenants.

Oct 16

Insurance for tenants set to be compulsory – Tenancy.co.nz’s Scotney Williams tells Breakfast

tenancy.co.nz’s Scotney Williams spoke to TVNZ’s Breakfast about possible changes for tenants who damage rental properties through carelessness or neglect.

Feb 02

VIDEO: Your Tenancy Application – The Tenancy eBundle explained in 90 secs

So how does the Tenancy eBundle work? Watch our short video to find out how the magic happens.

May 02

TenantCheck Case Study #1: Identifying a sex offender

In our first TenantCheck case study, we reveal how a client found a convicted paedophile through our Background Checking system.

Jul 11

The MBIE Self-Audit Checklist UPDATED

The Government taskforce will be auditing a selection of property management offices around the country over the coming months.

Apr 05

Palace & Tenancy eBundle join forces

Version 7.1 of the TPS Tenancy Agreement is now integrated within Palace.

Apr 04

Flooding Hell! How to deal with a tenant affected by a natural disaster

Recent wild weather events have been an eye-opener for many landlords and property managers.

Apr 03

VIDEO: Caught on camera? Ray White Conference 2017

We check out the 2017 Ray White Conference at Sky City Convention City.

Mar 26

Tenancy.co.nz Parnell T20 team win Auckland 1B Championship

The tenancy.co.nz Parnell team are the Auckland 1B Twenty20 champions.

Mar 24

Multi Bureau Credit Checking test: Centrix v Veda (Equifax)

Watch our five-minute analysis and comparison video of the two-credit checking bureaus.

Mar 15

Newstalk ZB interview: Scotney Williams on Gareth Morgan’s radical rental policy

Newstalk ZB’s Larry Williams interviews tenancy.co.nz’s Scotney Williams about Gareth Morgans’s radical rental policy.

Mar 14

Safeguarding rental properties against Airbnb subletting

Can a tenant sublet a property through Airbnb? Depends who you ask. Conflicting messages is causing a minefield of confusion for property managers, landlords and tenants.

Mar 13

Long-term tenancies and rental WOFs mooted by Gareth Morgan’s new party

The Opportunities Party (TOP) will change tenancy laws in New Zealand if they win this year’s election.

Mar 07

Onwards and upwards for the Tenancy eBundle

The Tenancy eBundle is quickly becoming a staple part of property management offices all over New Zealand.

Feb 28

How to make a Facebook business page work for you

If you don’t yet have a Facebook business page, it’s never too late to start.

Feb 21

Electronic Signatures in Tenancy Agreements coming soon?

We are frequently asked by our clients whether we will introduce electronic signatures on our Tenancy Agreement.

Feb 16

Whose responsibility is it to replace light bulbs? Tenant or Landlord?

If you think it’s the tenant’s responsibility to change lightbulbs in residential tenancies, think again.

Feb 13

Does your property management website navigation hit the mark?

It’s no secret that the best things in life are often the simplest too. Websites are no exception.

Feb 09

Tenancy.co.nz legal expert Scotney Williams helps Foxton landlord win appeal in pet damage case

Tenancy.co.nz’s Scotney Williams has assisted a Foxton landlord with their appeal to win what could be a precedent-setting case against his tenant, whose dogs infamously soiled his carpet.

Oct 14

Government looking to change damage law for renters

The Government is considering changes to the Residential Tenancy Act over when property damage costs can be reclaimed from tenants,

Oct 15

Property manager’s win bolsters landlords in tenancy law

STUFF.CO.NZ – Scotney Williams, a director of tenancy services firm Tenancy.co.nz, said the winds might be changing at the Tenancy Tribunal.

Jul 08

Freaky Friday: The unwelcome sixth flatmate

This week we feature a story about an unexpected flatmate in Dunedin. Here’s her story… “My second-year flat on Lovelock Ave soon acquired a sixth member – a rodent we christened Leslie. Leslie was first heard scampering around in the walls and roof, but soon proved his or herself to be an audacious little f*****, …

Jul 01

Freaky Friday: Help! My flatmate is burning holes in my rug!

This week we feature another story about a nightmare flatmate. Not only did this flatmate cause damage to the house but he left a considerable debt that we assume this tenant has never recovered. Here’s his story… “I had a flatmate that would smoke shisha (hookah pipes) in the middle of the lounge despite being …

Jun 24

Freaky Friday: Help! My flatmate’s a drug dealer!

If a landlord wants to kick out a tenant the process can be a little tricky but at least there is a legal blueprint you can follow. But when a head tenant wants to get rid of a flatmate, for whatever reason, things can be a little more difficult. Tell us how you would have …

Jun 08

Bad credit timeline… How long can credit agencies report information for?

As a landlord or property manager a credit report is an important tool you can use to find the right tenant. A prospective tenant with a history of defaults is – excuse the cliché – risky business and someone you would be advised to stay away from. Under New Zealand law most of this information …

Jun 02

Top 7 questions you should ask a property manager

We estimate that there are over 1300 property management firms in New Zealand and 450 in Auckland alone. So how do you cut through the chaff and select the right property manager for your rental? Here are seven questions that we believe you should always ask:   1. How long have you worked as a …

May 25

Top five things a landlord/property manager should tell a head tenant

Setting up a solid relationship with the head tenant can’t be understated if you’re either a landlord or a property manager. The head tenant is your banker, adviser and confidante all rolled into one. You need them as much as they need you. So with that in mind, here are five things you should always …

Apr 12

Tenants win $7500 from meth-house landlord

NZHERALD.CO.NZ – Scotney Williams, a director of the Tenancy Practice Service, said the decision demonstrated the need for landlords and residential property buyers to consider getting meth tests before renting or selling.   TO VIEW THE WHOLE ARTICLE CLICK http://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/news/article.cfm?c_id=3&objectid=11620699

Mar 15

Wellington landlord defends himself against allegations

NEWSTALKZB.CO.NZ – A raft of complaints have been posted online against Wellington landlord Neil Patel. Hundreds of people have reacted to a post on a student-based Facebook page about the landlord, who’s accused of unexpected rent rises, using tenants’ power and not correctly logging bonds. Tenancy Practice Service director Scotney Williams said landlords cannot simply use tenants’ power …

Mar 13

Self employed defaulting on rent

RADIONZ.CO.NZ – TPS director Craeg Williams talks about the loopholes around retrieving rent from the self employed. TO LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW CLICK http://www.radionz.co.nz/national/programmes/thepanel/audio/201793139/self-employed-defaulting-on-rent

Mar 14

Self-employed tenants a risk for landlords

  NZHERALD.CO.NZ – Self-employed tenants are now a landlord’s biggest risk after a law change making it easier to deduct unpaid rent from an employee’s wages, an expert says. Craeg Williams – who says his company TPS Credit Control is the country’s biggest unpaid rent collector – says a little-noticed 2014 law change allows courts …

Mar 12

Health and Safety Must Read: The first step to becoming compliant

For the first time in history, the law will hold property managers accountable in the same way as builders, gasfitters and even coal miners. Thanks to changes to the Health and Safety Act, there are now 130 different ways you can be fined. We’re not talking a slap on the wrist, either. Fines range from …

Mar 10

How to avoid choosing a nightmare tenant

STUFF.CO.NZ –  Tenant Anna-Ria Melroy hit headlines recently when it became known that she had ripped off multiple landlords to the tune of $40,000. Melroy’s story sends a shiver down many landlords’ spines. However, according to people in the tenancy world, there were plenty of red flags in Melroy’s case that could have tipped landlords off.   TO VIEW THE WHOLE ARTICLE CLICK …

Feb 19

Landlords are losing thousands of dollars in tenancy disputes

STUFF.CO.NZ – Landlords around New Zealand are losing thousands of dollars in tenancy debt, but the losses are bit as great as they were four years ago. Figures released by Tenancy Practice Services show that the landlords lose on average nearly $1800 in tenancy disputes, about five weeks rent.   READ MORE HERE:http://www.stuff.co.nz/business/industries/77086771/Landlords-are-losing-thousands-of-dollars-in-tenancy-disputes

Feb 01

The real deal with the credit score

Feedback from property managers influences how we present data within the credit check. When property managers join Tenantcheck, they sometimes say that the standard Centrix or Veda credit score can be tricky to understand. It can leave them with more questions than answers. For example, a person who should have really good credit might have …

Jul 15

Water bill game changer for Auckland landlords and PMs

Have you ever had a disagreement with your tenant over a water bill? Well if you’re landlord or property manager in Auckland help is on it’s way. Landlords and property managers’ in the Auckland region can now pay your fixed charge for wastewater as an up front payment once a year in July. If you …

Jul 19

The great mould debate: Who’s responsible? Tenants or landlords?

It’s that time of year again when mould and mildew can cause havoc in rentals in New Zealand. New Zealand houses, as you are well aware, are generally not great at containing heat. The many old styles villas you see, that are especially prominent in central Auckland, which were mainly built from the 1880s through …

Oct 13

Wellington property manager wins pet damage case after cats’ soil carpet

A Wellington property manager was successful in winning a case at the Tenancy Tribunal after five confined cats damaged the carpet and curtains in a room of a rental property.