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Changes to Healthy Homes Standards delayed

The proposed changes to the Healthy Homes Standards have been slightly delayed.  

In December, the Government indicated the amendments to the regulations would likely come into effect in April 2022.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) told that these changes are still in the pipeline but are likely to come into effect a month later.

“The Healthy Homes Standards – heating standard amendments are expected to be considered by Cabinet and Executive Council in April,” the spokesperson said.

“The final wording will be made public on the Thursday after it is approved.  

“However, the changes have to be public for 28 days before they become law, which now takes the estimated date they will be in effect to mid-May.

“(What) this means is that landlords who are eligible to install smaller heating devices in new homes built to the 2008 building code requirements for insulation and glazing and some apartments will be able to do so from mid-May onwards.”

Other proposed changes include an increase to the electric heater ‘top up’ allowance from 1.5kW to 2.4kW and an increase in the tolerance allowance from 90% to 80% if there is an existing qualifying heater installed prior to July 2019.

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