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Myth-Conceptions: QR Codes on ‘For Rent’ signs, instead of stating the price, is lawful

It is time to bust another myth that has been circulating around the property management industry!


“Using a QR Code on For Rent Signs, instead of stating a price, is lawful, and placing an advertisement on social media, without a price, is lawful.”


Since this new requirement became law on February 11, it has become apparent that some property management companies are not displaying prices on For Rent signs.

Some have instead chosen to display a QR Code on For Rent signs that enables prospective tenants to use smart phones to open a link to a listing advertisement on a browser.

Some property management companies are also choosing to not state the price on social media posts on Facebook and Instagram.

Instead, they are advertising rental properties on these platforms, with a link that takes the user to a full listing on their company website or a listing website like Trademe.

So, are either of these options legitimate?

Watch the video above to see if this myth is busted. 

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