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Jul 07
Significant District Court decision creates Gluckman report meth precedent

A District Court decision has ruled that the Gluckman report should be relied on when…

Jun 30
Myth-Conceptions: Name suppression law

Can a tenant have their name suppressed even if they wholly lose a Tenancy Tribunal order?

Jun 10
Lease Break of a fixed term tenancy

One of the most common dilemmas for a property manager is how to deal with a tenant…

Jun 10
Healthy Homes deadline coincides with significant integration for property management industry

With the main Healthy Homes deadline just a few weeks away, property managers and…

Jun 02
Myth-Conceptions: QR Codes on ‘For Rent’ signs, instead of stating the price, is lawful

It is time to bust another myth that has been circulating around the property…

May 13
Providing Notice at the end of a fixed term tenancy

We’re going to focus on the area that causes the most confusion around how a landlord…

May 06
Myth-Conceptions: There is little point in doing Multi Bureau credit checking

Here at tenancy.co.nz accuracy of information is important. With that in mind, we are…

Apr 29
Termination Trade-off: 2 Methods of termination when rental is being sold

Under the new laws there are two ways you can terminate a periodic tenancy if the…

Apr 23
How do property investors find a property manager who can navigate all the new compliance requirements?

It is no secret that property investors are facing more compliance requirements than…

Apr 21
Extensions of fixed terms do not activate Healthy Homes compliance

The extension of a fixed term tenancy agreement will not activate a start date for…

Apr 08
How to serve 3x five working day notices for rent arrears

The new law is known colloquially as three strikes and you are out.

Apr 07
Tenancy Services overwhelmed with calls – what does this mean for property managers?

Tenancy Services have conceded that their hotline is under pressure and this means…

Mar 31
Landlord to give notice when premises put on the market

This section of the Residential Tenancies Act has been amended and there is now a…

Mar 29
Ardern sceptical that changes to interest tax deductibility rules will lead to rent increases

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is sceptical that a move to block landlords claiming…

Mar 24
Responding to a tenant’s request for fibre installation

Section 45B states that a landlord must permit the installation of a fibre connection…