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May 22
RTA Amendment Bill 2024 passes First Reading

The RTA Amendment Bill 2024 has been introduced to parliament and last night passed…

May 21
Decisions of Interest: Termination for Airbnb Conversion

Can a landlord terminate a tenancy if they intend to convert it into an Airbnb?

May 14
Decisions of Interest: Enforceability of ‘No Pet’ Clauses

Are 'No Pet' Clauses enforceable? This week's Decision of Interest considers this…

May 08
Decisions of Interest: Tenants working from home

Tenants are allowed to do some work or business from the rental property. But can…

May 01
Residential Property Managers Bill to not progress

The coalition Government will not proceed with the previous Government’s plans to…

Apr 30
Decisions of Interest: Change of tenant not an assignment

What exactly is an assignment? This Decision of Interest answers this question with…

Apr 23
Decisions of Interest:  Rental property insulation compliance

How do landlords achieve compliance under both sets of regulations?

Apr 17
Decisions of Interest: Liability for careless damage

If the insurance company rejects the insurance claim for careless damage, are tenants…

Apr 10
Decisions of Interest: Termination of a fixed-term tenancy

The common misconception about Section 60A is that tenants may believe notice can only…

Apr 10
Decisions of Interest: Professionally cleaning carpets

Generally, landlords cannot require tenants to have carpets professionally cleaned.…

Apr 10
Decisions of Interest: Methamphetamine contamination

What case created this legal precedent and why is it subject to change?

Apr 10
Decisions of Interest: Marketing in the the 90-Day Notice period

This topic remains a substantial area of inquiry on our consultancy line.

Oct 22
Harcourts Cooper & Co & Innovative among big winners at TMC Awards + Pics

The Tenancy Master Class Conference climaxed with an awards dinner recognising…

Sep 27
Master Class surge sees new leader emerge

A week can be a long time in the Master Class race.

Aug 31
Residential Property Managers Bill far from set in stone

The National party voted to pass the Bill through its First Reading, but indicated…