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Tenancy Services overwhelmed with calls – what does this mean for property managers?

Tenancy Services have conceded that their hotline is under pressure and this means that property managers are required to look for alternative ways to get legal advice.

2021 is already shaping as an interesting year.

The commencement of the RTA Amendment Act 2020 was followed by a couple of notable lockdowns in Auckland.  Now, in earnest, we look forward to July, when Healthy Homes compliance will begin to become compulsory for many rental properties.

The emergence of these overlapping issues and pieces of legislation has seen a greater need for solid legal advice, but this fact has coincided with a new phenomenon.

We have observed that a growing number of property managers, landlords and tenants are commenting on social media about how difficult it is to get hold of Tenancy Services on their hotline. 


This is hardly surprising. Compliance for property managers and landlords is now complex and time consuming, while tenants are also grappling with these sudden changes.

“We’ve heard from numerous parties on the delays with reaching our Service Centre,” Tenancy Services Senior Engagement officer Raymond Suen told

“It’s unfortunately a busy period following the usual seasonal peak for tenancy changeovers, combined with other factors which may have increased call volumes.

“As call volumes go up, it can also lead to people deciding to call back later or keep calling repeatedly, which can increase the overall volume of calls coming in.”

In fact, Radio NZ reported that Tenancy Services received 17,000 more calls in February compared to November last year.

Because of this, Tenancy Services have confirmed property managers should seek alternative ways to get tenancy advice.

“For property managers, they should contact their business support for tenancy information,” Suen said.

“As business operators, we expect them to have a better understanding of the tenancy laws and have appropriate processes in place for supporting their staff on daily operations.”

So, if you are a property management company and require prompt legal advice, is here to guide you. have had a paid private consultancy service since 1994. This has steadily grown over the past few decades and caters to property managers who would prefer to pay for advice rather than wait and use the Tenancy Services free hotline. 

There have always been a few fundamental differences between our service and that of other advisory services in the industry. 

Experienced Senior Consultants
The consultancy service is led by Scotney Williams LLB, who has over 30 years of experience guiding property managers through thousands of different tenancy issues. He is supported by Chris Matthews, who for the past five years has worked alongside Scotney creating tenancy resources and now manages Total Tenancy.  


When you call our consultants, the advice you receive is consistent regardless of who you speak to.


Our consultants will provide you with the practical steps to solve the problem that you have. 

Ethical and Lawful 

The advice we provide is always backed by laws or regulations.

Best Practice 

Our longevity in the industry means you know that the advice we provide will ensure you are always adhering to best practice. 


Although there is a cost involved, subscribing to this service means you are paying for peace of mind, and can gain unlimited support. Get in touch today to receive a free 15 minutes of consultation.


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