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Landlord to give notice when premises put on the market

This section of the Residential Tenancies Act has been amended and there is now a crucial difference.

Until now, a landlord was required to inform the tenant by written notice ‘if there was an intention to sell.’

Under the Residential Tenancies Amendment Act 2020, the landlord is only required to inform the tenant “if the premises is put on the market.”

If the landlord fails to this, they could be liable for either:

–  Exemplary Damages of up to $1800
–  Infringement Offence, ranging from $500 to $3000

If the rental property is put on the market, you can now send this updated notice to the tenant, which can be found here in Total Tenancy.

So, what are some examples of when you are required to send this notice? And what step can you take to ensure the owner informs you before the place the rental property on the market? Watch the full training snippet here in Total Tenancy.

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