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Responding to a tenant’s request for fibre installation

Section 45B states that a landlord must permit the installation of a fibre connection in the premises if:

  • There is no fibre connection; and
  • It is possible to install a fibre connection in the premises; and
  • The tenant requests a fibre connection; and
  • The fibre can be installed at no cost to the landlord.

If a tenant makes a written request, the landlord must respond within 21 days or they can be liable for up to $1500 in exemplary damages.

If you are satisfied that a fibre installation should take place at the tenancy premises, you can use a resource – which can be found here in Total Tenancy.

This acceptance letter outlines why permission has been granted and requests that the tenant have the network operator of fibre installer contact the property manager or landlord before the installation takes place.

So how does liaising with the contact provider protect the landlord’s interest? And what are the valid reasons to decline a request for fibre installation? Watch the full length training Snippet  in Total Tenancy.

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