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Coaching and Consultancy

Team Connect is an exclusive service to It connects your property management team, with our team of property management experts. have been the leading property management consultants for over 30 years.

Having access to this high level support will help to reduce stress and burnout while allowing you to retain staff and scale your property management business.

We work nationwide with New Zealand’s largest property management companies.

With the RTA Amendment Act 2020 and Healthy Homes Standards now in law, our senior consultants will ensure you receive practical solutions to complex legal issues that you have.

There are five primary reasons why property managers trust this premium service.

What to Expect

What to Expect


When you call our consultants, the advice you receive is consistent regardless of who you speak to.


Our consultants will provide you with the practical steps to solve the problem that you have.


The advice we provide is always backed by laws or regulations.


Our longevity in the industry means you know that the advice we provide will ensure you are always adhering to best practice.


Although there is a cost involved, subscribing to this service means you are paying for peace of mind, and can gain unlimited support.

How it works

Team Connect is a support service like no other in New Zealand.

Team Connect clients will receive proactive phone and email contact from our office to see if you need assistance with legal, property management issues. You can also contact us for unlimited advice, but at least you will have the peace of mind that our team will be in touch to offer you support.

This alleviates stress and staff burnout from your team, its showing your property management team the love that they deserve.

How this service is delivered

How this service is delivered

Our team will proactively reach out to your office throughout the year to see if you have any legal or property management issues you need help with, or you can contact us and we will be there for you.

The consultancy is now bundled with Total Tenancy to give optimum level support. To find our more or to join this service please get in touch by completing the below form.

Senior Consultant
Scotney Williams, L.L.B.

Scotney gained his experience as a property management consultant when we was appointed Regional Manager of Tenancy Services from 1985-1994 when the Residential Tenancies Act first became law – and was responsible for not only ensuring staff were well trained in the RTA, but also in the overlapping legislation, including the Human Rights Act and Privacy Act.

Scotney has dealt with thousands of consultancy questions over the past 30 years, big and small, and arguably is the most experienced voice in the property management industry.

Scotney has also developed hundreds of training videos, and is the author of numbers of publications including:

  • Platinum programme stage 1-5
  • How to enforce your judgment or money order 
  • RTA Amendment Act 2020 handbook

Senior Consultant
Chris Matthews, BComm

Senior Consultant
Chris Matthews, BComm

Chris comes from a journalism background and over the past five years has worked with Scotney to produce hundreds of tenancy related videos and resources.

Chris is the manager of Total Tenancy, within the TPS portal, and has a very strong knowledge of both RTA and Healthy Homes compliance.

Chris led the development of the Healthy Homes Statement within the eBundle tenancy agreement and also produced the Master Class module for the Healthy Homes Standards.

Chris has also co-authored the RTA Amendment Act 2020 handbook and created key resources like the Legislation and Compliance Guideline.

Now, along with his communication commitments, Chris enjoys guiding clients through compliance issues as a Senior Consultant. 

What's included in team connect


If you are looking to start a property management business, it is recommended to have Scotney and Chris there for support. Scotney’s legislative and industry knowledge is second to none.


Pay a competitive monthly subscription for unlimited support from Scotney Williams L.L.B. and Chris Matthews.


If you require help on a one-off basis, such as dealing with a tenancy issue or preparing for a Tenancy Tribunal order, Scotney is available to help guide you through the issue.

Trusted partners

Trusted partners

This service is an exclusive service, and it’s only available to clients using our Tenancy eBundle. This includes Business Partners and Elite Partners. 

Elite partners who join Team Connect, will automatically qualify as a Trusted Partner.

To find out more about this please get in touch.

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"We use every product and service provides. Team connect is an exciting upgrade to what we are already getting, go TPS and thank you for enhancing your client support. Knowing I have the right technology and support team in place gives me absolute comfort and peace of mind that my team is in safe hands. With the ever changing and even more difficult landscape of our industry, I don’t know how any property management company can function without the support of and and the Team Connect service. "
Joanna Hart
General Manager
EVES Rentals – BOP and Waikato