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What is Total Tenancy?

Total Tenancy is a property manager’s best friend, giving you full time access to many resources, guides, and training to help you and your office stay compliant with current tenancy legislation. It is our electronic version of our in house residential tenancy expert, Scotney Williams L.L.B.

“Every year I get requests to make dozens of new documents. With Total Tenancy you will have access to every future document and training we produce.”

Scotney Williams L.L.B

Searchable, online RTA ebook

Our RTA Handbook in an online searchable format, with plain english to make understanding Tenancy law easier for you.

+ A new copy of any RTA Handbook when new editions are printed.*

Tenantcheck – High User account

A High User Tenantcheck subscription is included in Total Tenancy Expert. Thats a $63.25 value included!

Tenantcheck allows you to background and credit check your prospective tenants to help you find the right tenants for your property.

65+ Tenancy agreement clauses for use in the Tenancy eBundle

Find the clause you want, select “Add this clause to my agreements”, and the next time you access our E-Bundle your clause will be there for you to use. Clauses are only available in conjunction with our eBundle system which is free of charge. Click here for more information.

Video snippet library

Includes all past video snippets not available anywhere else, and will be updated with any further snippets all in one handy location.

Video training

Within Total Tenancy you will find our Platinum Programmes which include video trainings and workbooks by Scotty Williams L.L.B to help make better property managers, training on 12 ways to end a tenancy, and all future video trainings.

100+ Best practice protocols and resources

All throughout Total Tenancy you will find best practice protocols and resources to help you find the answers. This service has been designed to make finding the right information for you as easy as possible.


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*New customers to receive the next printed RTA handbook

Total Tenancy assists property managers in:

Quickly finding information in the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA)

Preventing and resolving legal issues that arise

Training better property managers with industry leading documentation