One of the primary reasons a landlord will get a property managed is so that they can be assured that it is in safe hands.

They want a property manager who looks after the compliance of the property and ensures that the tenant is well looked after. 

Tenancy.co.nz has two levels of partners, Elite Partners and Business Partners.

There are now over 1900 registered members across over 500 property management offices throughout New Zealand.

If you are a landlord looking for a property manager, look for the seal of quality relating to residential property management.

Elite Partner

Elite Partner

A Property Management office which displays the Elite Partners logo of Tenancy.co.nz utilises the compliance and technology of: Tenantcheck, eBundle PRO and Total Tenancy

Tenantcheck is a background and credit reporting system available exclusively to property managers. It allows property managers to professionally vet prospective tenants in real time – at the click of a button.

eBundle PRO
eBundle Pro is an online tenancy application and tenancy agreement, seamlessly linked to remove data entry for property managers, while offering protection and compliance

Total Tenancy
Total Tenancy is an on online platform that bridges the gap between law and reality. It provides many tools, documents and training resources that are vital to running a property management business.


Business Partner

A property management office which displays the Business Partners logo of Tenancy.co.nz have access to:

  • TenantCheck 
  • eBundle PRO

Both of these products are integrated to provide a property manager with the perfect blend of technology and compliance.

The eBundle agreement is updated regularly by our legal consultant Scotney Williams, which ensures additional protection in a landscape of everchanging legislation and case law.

Business Partner