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We produce short weekly videos to help train you and keep you informed about current and topical tenancy issues and information.

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Part 1 – Litigation Skills for Property Managers Master Class


As a professional property manager knowledge of litigation skills is crucial for protecting your clients and business.

In this special three-part series, crafted over many years by veteran consultant Scotney Williams, we will cover all the essential litigation skills and concepts you will be required to know when practicing at the Tenancy Tribunal.

In the first part of this Master Class module, we will begin by introducing the basic knowledge and skills needed for a Tenancy Tribunal hearing. Afterwards, we will break down the ins and outs of completing various Tribunal applications.

Following that, we’ll delve into the concept of contracting back into the RTA and emphasise the importance of ensuring your landlord clients are included in the tenancy agreement. Subsequently, we’ll provide a rundown of what to expect on your first day at the Tenancy Tribunal.