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Master Class is a property management training platform for our Trusted and Elite Partners designed to breakdown legislation and compliance topics which are easy to digest.

Each Master Class course comes with a training video, workbook and a Master Class test so you can standout from your peers.

TOP 20

The Master Class Top 20 Leaderboards display those who have excelled in each Master Class module or course. 

If you nail a Top 20 grade in a Master Class test, your name and company will be highlighted on an industry Leaderboard, which provides good PR and a chance to be recognised at the annual TMC Conference.


Watch the Master Class training videos and takes notes in our Master Class workbooks to solidify your knowledge to give you the best chance of acing the corresponding test.


Each Master Class courses comes with a multi-choice test. Each test challenges you to prove your knowledge, with a grade of 80% or higher giving you a pass mark and a certificate of competency. Those in the Top 20, will be displayed on the industry Leaderboards.