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National aim to scrap new rental regulations

The National Party has promised to scrap a number of the controversial RTA reforms, which are currently at the select committee stage in Parliament.

National leader Simon Bridges’ aim to cut red tape and ensure businesses and landlords thrive should they win September’s election.

“Unnecessary red tape and regulation is getting in the way of a stronger economy. It’s holding us back from having more money in our pockets, lower daily costs and affordable housing,” Bridges said.

The party has also released a list of the regulations it would scrape immediately, including the proposal to remove no-cause terminations and to allow tenants to add minor fixtures,

The Healthy Homes heating standard, which requires landlord – in most cases – to install heat pumps in living rooms, would also be changed if National form the next government.

The first rental regulations National says it will scrap:

– Rental standards prescribing heating output on qualifying heaters

– Rental standards prescribing the location of heaters to be supplied by the landlord

– Rental regulations which replicate or expand on standards already in the Building Code

– Rules – yet to be introduced – which make it difficult to remove problematic tenants

– Provisions – yet to be introduced – restricting landlords to only raise rents every 12 months

– Provisions – yet to be introduced – giving government departments powers to inspect rental properties

– Provisions – yet to be introduced – allowing tenants to add minor fittings and improvements to rental properties without landlord permission

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