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Alternative Compliance Pathway for the Heating Standard

Regulation 10A of the Healthy Homes Standards provides an additional way for landlords to comply with the Heating Standard.

Instead of using the heating formulas within the Heating Assessment Tool, a suitably qualified specialist can use a different formula to determine the required heating capacity.

So, who is suitably qualified heating specialist?

Regulation 3 of the Healthy Homes Standards defines one as either a:

  • A chartered professional engineer within the meaning set out in section 6 of the Chartered Professional Engineers of New Zealand Act 2002.
  • Or an International Professional Engineer registered with Engineering New Zealand.
  • Or a person who has completed a tertiary engineering, physics, or building science qualification of Level 7 or above and has at least five years professional experience in heating system design.

    So, what does a
    suitably qualified heating specialist need to show in their calculation? And what must a landlord keep on file? Watch the Full Training Snippet in Total Tenancy.

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