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Do you need to show advertising price on ‘For Rent’ signs?

From February 11, landlords and property managers will be required to display the price of rental properties on all advertising.

If you don’t you could risk be pinged up to $1500 in exemplary damages or between $500-$2000 in infringement fines.

Section 22F of the RTA Amendment Act 2020 states:

“A landlord must not advertise or otherwise offer a tenancy of residential premises unless the amount of rent is stated in the advertisement or offer.”

There has been some conjecture on whether this includes For Rent Signs.

We now have an answer.

“If it is an advertisement for an individual rental property, i.e., a board pinned to a fence outside a house (for example) then it would need to state the rent,” MBIE Senior Engagement Advisor Raymond Suen told

“If it is a broader advertisement, say for the letting agency itself directing people to a range of properties, they would not have to put the rental prices on such an advertisement.”

Other advertising mediums that would need to include the price of the rental property include social media posts and individual listings of rental properties.

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