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Personal data of property managers and tenants is protected within the TPS Portal

Recently you may have seen a news story exposing an alleged data breach.

In the story, reported by TVNZ’s 1 News, hundreds of drivers’ licenses and passports were shown to be publicly available after being uploaded to a property website.  

This alleged breach is not a good look for the industry, and we wish to offer reassurance that those who use our system are protected and safe. 

All personal information, including IDs and attachments entered into Profile and TPS Portal Tenancy Applications are encrypted to a high security standard, both in transit between the tenant and our service, and “at rest” on secure storage. 

This means that only the user and the Property Management office that receive applications can view that personal information. Property Management offices receive only the detail entered into applications.

We understand the security of data is of utmost importance and have dedicated resources to ensure both the physical and digital security of your data.

In addition, we take steps to protect your account by requiring a secret question and answer when performing heightened security actions, such as resetting your password.

We maintain strict data security policies within our own organisation, including strong passwords, encryption and other technology to protect your data, in addition to policies in place to prevent unauthorised access to your account.

In essence, the data is protected and encrypted to offer the best protection possible. 

If you have any further concerns, please email

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