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Sep 29
Alert Level 3 guidelines change – again!

The government has loosened Alert Level 3 rules yesterday to allow those who are…

Sep 22
Centrix report disruption to enquiry data from NZ’s largest cyber-attack

Centrix credit bureau have reported that their services were disrupted last week…

Sep 08
Government keeping an open mind on changes to terminations laws during Auckland lockdown

The Government is keeping an open mind on whether to make changes around tenancy…

Sep 01
Requirement to wear face masks the main change to Alert Level 3 guidelines… for now

Everywhere South of the greater Auckland border has dropped down to Alert Level 3 in…

Aug 25
Tenants moving is a last resort during Alert Level 4

Can tenants move during Alert Level Yes, they can but it is a last resort.

Aug 16
Physical assault and family violence sections of the RTA delayed, pending regulations

The final two sections of the RTA Amendment Act 2020 are still awaiting regulations to…

Jul 21
Termination for anti-social behaviour

With no-cause 90 day terminations a thing of the past, it is now undoubtedly more…

Jul 20
Green Party renew push for rental WoF

The Green Party have launched a petition calling on the Government’s Healthy Homes…

Jul 07
Significant District Court decision creates Gluckman report meth precedent

A District Court decision has ruled that the Gluckman report should be relied on when…

Jun 30
Myth-Conceptions: Name suppression law

Can a tenant have their name suppressed even if they wholly lose a Tenancy Tribunal order?

Jun 10
Lease Break of a fixed term tenancy

One of the most common dilemmas for a property manager is how to deal with a tenant…

Jun 10
Healthy Homes deadline coincides with significant integration for property management industry

With the main Healthy Homes deadline just a few weeks away, property managers and…

Jun 02
Myth-Conceptions: QR Codes on ‘For Rent’ signs, instead of stating the price, is lawful

It is time to bust another myth that has been circulating around the property…

May 13
Providing Notice at the end of a fixed term tenancy

We’re going to focus on the area that causes the most confusion around how a landlord…

May 06
Myth-Conceptions: There is little point in doing Multi Bureau credit checking

Here at tenancy.co.nz accuracy of information is important. With that in mind, we are…

Apr 29
Termination Trade-off: 2 Methods of termination when rental is being sold

Under the new laws there are two ways you can terminate a periodic tenancy if the…