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Aug 07
Hefty penalty for maintenance, insulation statement breaches

A Christchurch landlord has copped a hefty penalty for failing to meet her obligations.

Aug 06
RTA reforms now law, bulk of changes to commence from early next year

The Government’s controversial RTA Amendment Bill has been passed into law and most of…

Jul 09
Government releases final RTA reforms report, despite stern opposition

The Labour-led Government’s controversial RTA Amendment Bill is charging ahead,…

Jun 18
Government won’t extend termination restrictions, adds rent arrears support

The Government has today announced that they won’t extend their emergency provisions…

Jun 16
How property managers can highlight efficiency and back it with compliance

It is more important than ever for professional property managers to easily highlight…

Jun 15
Industry leaders call for emergency changes to RTA to end

Industry leaders are calling for the Government to end the emergency changes to the…

Jun 08
COVID-19 impacted nearly half of landlords’ income, survey reveals

Nearly half of all landlords have indicated they have suffered a drop of income due to…

Jun 02
Healthy Homes Statement compliance deadline extended

In an unexpected move, the deadline for landlords to include detailed information in…

May 27
Emergency changes to the RTA create issues for farmers

The New Zealand farming community is asking the government to review legislation that…

May 26
Government eases Alert Level 2 restrictions

The property management industry will effectively begin a ‘new normal’ from midday on…

May 20
tenancy.co.nz’s Scotney Williams breaks down COVID-19 legislation for More FM

More FM’s Polly and Grant interview tenancy.co.nz consultant Scotney Williams on the…

Apr 24
New details on how private viewings can occur at Alert Level 3

New details on how private viewings may be conducted under Alert Level 3 have been…

Apr 16
What could Alert Level 3 mean for property managers?

The Government has today released more detail about what New Zealanders will be able…

Apr 09
Mortgage deferral products are a hardship lifeline, not a ‘holiday’

COVID-19 has flipped the country on its head!  One in, one out at the local…

Mar 25
COVID-19: Six month freeze on rent increases, added protection for tenants rushed into law

The Government is introducing a six month freeze on residential rent increases and…

Mar 18
Practical advice to deal with the coronavirus

In this Snippet, we want to discuss the potential economic and social impacts to your…