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Tenancy Masterclass

The Tenancy Masterclass is a series of eight modules which are educational, fun and competitive. 

Each module begins with recommended training content you can view and read in Total Tenancy and ends with an online quiz that ranks you against your peers in speed and accuracy. 

The best ranked property managers will be displayed on a Tenancy Masterclass leaderboard. 

So do you have what it takes to be top of the Tenancy Masterclass?

Module 1: Healthy Homes 

The first module of the Tenancy Masterclass is a quickfire 40 question quiz covering the essential facts of the Healthy Homes Standards.
All the multiple choice answers can be found by learning the content within the Healthy Homes Pack in Total Tenancy. 
To pass you will need to achieve over 80% in just 20 minutes. The property managers who score the highest marks with the quickest times will be displayed on the Tenancy Masterclass leaderboard. Good luck!