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Please Note If a completed direct debit form is not returned with this form, your account will be set on the Invoice payment option and will incur the additional fees until we receive the completed form.

The terms below supercede any terms of a previous agreement.
Copyright - The resources provided through the service are copyrighted and they are not to be shared with any other party. If you share any documents included in this service that are not available for public use through the website, you agree to compensate the Tenancy Practice Service to the value of no less than $5000 or any greater amount set by a New Zealand court.
Term - This agreement is a fixed term contract. Your subscription to any associated services and discounts is for a minimum term of 12 months, this agreement will continue for the duration of that term. If you terminate this agreement before the minimum 12 months term, you agree to pay an early termination charge of the balance owing to the end of the term. Selling of the business or rent roll does not release you from the term of the contract. Tenancy Practice Service Ltd reserves the right to terminate this agreement on 48 hours notice.
Collection Costs - If for any reason there is a debt owed for unpaid subscription fees you agree to pay all costs associated with collection of those fees, including but not restricted to debt collection fees, court fees and lawyer fees.
Logins - I understand that if another office, branch or company uses my login information that the monthly charge will increase to reflect the number of office in my group.
The Services - We cannot guarantee that our Services will always operate free of faults, be private or secure or that our Services will operate free of viruses or other harmful programmes or disabling features.
Ending your subscription - After the initial term, 1 calendar months notice is required to end your subscription, the one month period will start on the last day of the month we are notified of the request to end your subscription, notification must be by email or in writing. When the subscription has ended all software licenses will be cancelled resulting in no access to Total Tenancy or any other service, products or discounts associated with the Total Tenancy subscription.

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