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Option 1 – URL Link Solution

A link is added to your site behind an ‘apply now’ button that opens the application form.

Development time
Approx 30min – 1hr

Who does this suit?
Small businesses with websites that do not have property listings

Option 2 – URL String Solution

The string solution carries over the property address details into the application form.

Development time
Approx 1hr – 2hrs

Who does this suit?
Small to medium businesses with websites that have property listings

Option 3 – API Solution

Most robust integration into your website.

Development time
Approx 1day – 1week

Who does this suit?
Medium to large firms with websites that have property listings

Business Information
Website Developer Information

Terms and Conditions
A. General

1. The resources provided through the services are copyrighted and they are not to be shared with any other party. If you share or distribute any documents included in this or any service that are not available for public use through the website, you agree to compensate The Tenancy Practice Service Ltd to the value of no less than $5000 or any greater amount set by a New Zealand court. All content, clauses and videos are only to be used with the TPS portal and are not to be copied into any other software or system.

The Services
2. We cannot guarantee that our Services will always operate free of faults, be private or secure or that our Services will operate free of viruses or other harmful programmes or disabling features.

3. I understand that if another office, branch or company uses my login information that the monthly charge will increase to reflect the number of office in my group.
4. I also understand that if another office, branch or company uses my login, our office will be responsible for any charges incurred through the use of the services.

5. Any subscription is to be paid monthly in advance. Failure to pay any invoice on the due date may result in a late payment fee and your subscription being suspended. If for any reason there is a debt owed for unpaid fees you agree to pay all costs associated with collection of those fees, including BUT NOT RESTRICTED TO DEBT COLLECTION FEES, COURT FEES AND LAWYER FEES.
6. Invoices not paid by direct debit incur a $30.00 +gst surcharge. If the direct debit option is selected and no completed direct debit form is emailed/given to, the account will be set to be paid by invoice and incur the additional fees. A direct debit form can be completed at a later date, but no existing invoices will be discounted. The surcharge will be removed for future invoices once the direct debit form is received.

Terminating subscription
1. After the initial term, 1 calendar months notice is required to end your subscription. The one month period will start on the last day of the month we are notified of the request to end your subscription. Notification must be by email or in writing. When the subscription has ended all software licenses will be cancelled resulting in no access to the service, products or discounts associated with the subscription.

Group Discounts
8. Group Discounts are provided because there are administrative savings to us by billing one head office or organisation. There will be one invoice issued to the head office each month for all offices included in the group discount. Individual invoices will not be issued for each office.
9. If you sign up as part of a group Discount and then leave the group, you agree that the price of the service will increase to the current standard rate as of the next billing month of leaving the group. You agree to pay the current rate until the end of any fixed term contract that applies.

B. eBundle

1. No fixed term.

2. I understand that the tenancy application and agreement and the clauses and provisions are all subject to copyright of the Tenancy Practice Service LTD. I agree not to copy and paste any content into other tenancy application or agreements systems.
3. I authorise Tenancy Practice Service LTD to contact our developer on my behalf to instruct them to implement the integration selected on the sign up form.