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How do property investors find a property manager who can navigate all the new compliance requirements?

It is no secret that property investors are facing more compliance requirements than ever before.

The commencement of the RTA Amendment Act 2020 in February will quickly be followed by the main deadline for the Healthy Homes Standards, which require all rental properties to meet these requirements from July this year.  

This myriad of new legislation has created a minefield for property investors, and many are now seeking the services of property managers to help navigate these changes.

So how do you find the right property manager for your portfolio?

There are thousands of property managers in New Zealand. Their fees may differ but how do you really know what they offer?

Google Reviews can be helpful, but they often only provide either glowing feedback from investor or negative experiences from tenant.

Where is a place where you can find a local property manager who is well educated in compliance and has access to a wide range of tenancy tools and resources?

Our Directory is a product developed to meet this need, a place where investors can find good property managers who follow best practice and have access to the best resources.

Listed in the Directory is hundreds of property managers located all over New Zealand.

In this new platform you can find local property managers in your area who are all Elite Partners of

Elite Partners have access to the best tools in property management.

Including comprehensive tenant vetting systems, including Multi Bureau credit checking and background checking. When finding great tenants is more important than ever, Elite Partner property managers screen prospective tenants to an industry high standard.

Elite Partners also have access to a robust online tenancy application and agreement system. The eBundle streamlines the whole application process, removing data entry, and ensures speed of delivery when finding an appropriate tenant is of the essence. The tenancy agreement in this system is industry leading and constantly updated with robust clauses, drafted by experienced consultant Scotney Williams LLB.

Finally, Elite Partners have access to hundreds of resources, tools and videos in Total Tenancy. Total Tenancy is an online resource centre, only available to property managers, that educates best practice and compliance, while working hand-in-hand with industry leading technology.

The Directory is also a place to find Healthy Homes Assessment companies in your area so you can take the stress out of complying with the new regulations.

Over time, more contractors will be added to the Directory platform and will be a hub so property investors can find the appropriate business to add value to their assets.

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